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Benefits of the Empower Loan = $0-Down Solar Ownership

The Empower Loan is a new, low-cost loan product that maximizes the financial benefits of solar for our customers, combining system performance guarantees, hassle-free maintenance, and cost savings with the financial upside of owning your system at no money down.

  • $0 Down  +  Low Interest Rate  +  You Receive Tax Benefits  +  No Prepayment Penalties +  Performance Guarantees  +  and MORE!

There has never been a better time to go solar. And now, there has never been a better way.

The federal government provides a 30% tax credit on the total system cost, and New Mexico provides a 10% additional tax credit. Total of 40%!! You can use these to pay off your loan, and combined with the energy cost savings from your system, the EmpowerLoan can often be paid off in as few as 5 years. After that: free electricity for the life of your system.

Hassle-Free Guarantees

The Empower Loan comes with zero-cost maintenance and warranty management.

If your System encounters an issue or doesn't perform as advertised, we will come fix it.

Want to see how much energy your system is generating?

The Empower Loan also includes free real-time performance monitoring so you can monitor the production.